Losing my purity…ring.


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Hi friends! I’m over at Love, Joy, Feminism today talking about purity rings.

My cousin gave me a purity ring for Christmas in 2005. She also gave them to several other young women in our Independent Fundamental Baptist youth group. I don’t think any of us fully realized what we were saying to the world by wearing them—“I have never had a penis in my vagina!”—but we wore them with pride. When another girl would get too involved with a boyfriend but still wear her purity ring, we would whisper, and when one of us misplaced ours, we would come to church and shock our youth leaders by announcing, jokingly, “I lost my purity….ring!

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2 thoughts on “Losing my purity…ring.

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  2. “Though I now cringe at the idea that I once thought I had to ask forgiveness for being raped…”

    This story is so much like my own. Forgiveness was emphasised and I felt like I HAD to forgive him, then not only could I forgive myself but I could “move on.” Ironically it is taking me so much longer to process through my story now because of this. I am having to go back and delve into the darkest times in my life. Too bad I was taught to bury them, because pulling them back up now is intensely painful.

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