Weekend Links!


Here are some of my favorite posts this week! Enjoy, and post your favorites in the comments!

Ashley’s Song Part 2” by Jermaine Lane: A couple days ago, I asked everyone to share any links they might have about self-injury in honor of Self-Injury Awareness Day. Jermaine responded with this poem! Check it out!

I won’t post too many Rush Limbaugh articles, but here are a few that I think are neat:

“Dear Rush Limbaugh, Birth Control Doesn’t Work Like Viagra” by Adam Serwer: Adam explains the misconceptions that Rush, and many others, are making about this birth control debate.  

“Rush Limbaugh Boycott: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook Users Take Part” by Catharine Smith: I didn’t think our efforts would be this successful, but they have been! This calls for a celebration! Let’s not back down now, though. 

“The Rush to Wound the Feminine” by Yvonne Clark Serocki R.N., PhD: This lovely post isn’t all about Rush. It’s a celebration of the feminine within us all and a study of the church’s history of tearing down that feminine. I found it intriguing and beautiful! 

And now, back to some other posts…

“Santorum” by Melissa McEwan: This graceful post is a couple of months old already, but I really needed to hear it. I appreciate Melissa’s stance on this so much and hope that I can be more like her in the future when I discuss politics (as you all may know, I have a tendency to name-call, which I am not particularly proud of). 

“I Like You” by David Nilsen:There are times when it is far more powerful to tell someone you like them than to tell them you love them. Love, especially in a Christian context, is an easy word. It’s supposed to be our default, so we don’t infuse it with a whole lot of social meaning. It’s abstract. But Like? When was the last time you told a person directly that you like them…?” 

“Rick Santorum’s House of Cards” by Dianna Anderson: Sorry to bring up ol’ Rick again, but this post by Dianna was fantastic. She really nailed it: “…the question is not ‘How does college kill faith?’ but ‘What are we doing that makes our faith a house of cards?'” 

And, here are a couple more posts. These aren’t favorites at all though. A lot of tragedy hit Ohio this past week. Please send your thoughts and/or prayers:

“Three Bowling Green Students Killed in Car Accident” by GT Daily 

“Victim in Ohio School Shooting Declared Brain Dead” by New York Times 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Links!

  1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for the shout out, I’m honored to be in the mix with such great company.

    @Pam- Nicely done. :-)

  2. Ha! Misconception! I see what you did there. :)

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