Start giving a damn!


Yesterday I wrote about how I stopped letting the fear of getting a “bad reputation” run my life. Like Joan Jett, I stopped giving a damn. But when I learned to stop giving a damn, I also learned to start giving a damn.

I learned to start giving a damn about the people that society/church told me to avoid, even when it hurts my social status.

I learned to start giving a damn about injustice and inequality, even when it caused controversy.

I learned to start giving a damn about the difficult questions that most of us have, even when that caused people to doubt my faith.

I learned to start giving a damn about sharing my stories to help others, even when people judged me for that.

Here’s the thing–when we stop living in fear of how we will be perceived, we can take the focus off ourselves and we become free to love others. We become free to give a damn about them.

We need to stop giving a damn so that we can start giving a damn.


5 thoughts on “Start giving a damn!

  1. So you know, I have loved these past two posts. You have a way of explaining what I’m thinking (but sometimes am not aware that I’m thinking). In short, you are awesome.

  2. I believe most of the time change brings more change. Embrace it! :-)

  3. I like to think I change minds just by being a “different” sort of person. :) That my differences may make more conservative folk more open to non-Christians.

    For instance, I recently dyed my hair bright red. I don’t mean a natural red. I mean RED red! Vampire Red from Manic Panic kind of red. And, I love it! I like the color, and think it looks great on me!

    My MIL wasn’t too crazy about it….but she loves me. I like to think that maybe this will help folks like her realize that different isn’t always bad.

    I was more nervous about work than anything else, but after the initial shock, they were okay with it. :)

  4. Oh My God, Sarah, this is so TRUE. Preach, sister, preach.

  5. absolutely. self-consciousness is the other side of the pride coin, and both keep focus chiefly on ME.

    wise words, lady.

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